About me

Greetings to all on my blog! My name is Dillon Powell, born in 1987. In 2011, I seriously thought about my health and radically changed my lifestyle by eliminating all harmful and harmful habits, replacing them with useful ones.

Over the past years, I have managed to bring my body and health in perfect order and I continue to promote a healthy lifestyle among my friends, relatives and all people who are not indifferent to me. After all, the most important thing for every person is good health, which is the foundation of a full and happy life.

If you read these lines, then you have taken the first step to gaining knowledge on how to stay healthy. Most of the articles and reviews are written from personal experience, the rest of the material is composed with the participation of medical specialists and the people I train with.

I consider it my social duty to help people who have difficulties in training issues, but who are also ready to answer any other questions. Write to the post office or in the social. network.

I hope that everyone in my portal will find something useful for themselves and be able to rethink their attitude to the issue of their own body and health.