How to make do-it-yourself dumbbells: basic rules

Many want to keep fit. Sports equipment is required to complete basic physical exercises. The poor financial situation, as well as the lack of free time to visit the gym does not allow you to do it yourself. However, you can train using home sports equipment, for example, dumbbells made by yourself.

DIY sports equipment: basic rules

You can make and almost any sports equipment on your own, from simple weights to sports complexes.

The most common strength exercises can be performed at home with dumbbells.

The best, of course, are metal dumbbells, but they are much more difficult to manufacture than other designs. It is necessary not only to make disks, but to choose the width of pancakes correctly, to perform locking locks in accordance with the calculations. You can make some heavy and several small pancakes.

The diameter of the neck (handle) must be within 3 cm, this condition must be taken into account when making dumbbells and rods. Aggressive weights will allow you to perform exercises of different loads.

Before starting homework, carefully check your inventory for the integrity of both collapsible and integral products.

What can be used from improvised means

Materials used for the manufacture of dumbbells

Often, due to lack of sports equipment, they stop playing sports. There is always a solution: any projectile can be replaced with a heavy object, which is at hand. Some physical exercises do not require special equipment.

The most common inventory can be an ordinary plastic bottle, from which I make dumbbells. Various fillers are used to weight them: water, gravel, sand, cement, small metal parts, etc.

Do-it-yourself dumbbells

At home, you can make both small and large dumbbells.

The first step in manufacturing is to determine what they will be made of.

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From plastic bottles

The following materials will be required to make plastic dumbbells from plastic bottles:

  • bottles (2 pcs. of the same volume);
  • handle 30-40 cm long (wooden stick or metal rod);
  • adhesive tape (electrical tape);
  • filler (sand, crushed stone, small metal parts).
Materials for making dumbbells from plastic bottles

After all the material has been prepared, it is necessary:

  • take the bottles and fill them with filler;
  • wrap the handle in the middle with tape (10-15 cm.);
  • insert one end of the handle into the neck of the first bottle until there is no movement;
  • to prevent seepage of the filler, coat the joint of the handle with silicone or glue;
  • connect the second bottle with a handle, then process the joint;
  • wrap the assembled structure around the handle, strengthening the connection.

Made of cement

Heavier dumbbells are obtained using a cement base. The disadvantage of a dumbbell made of concrete is that it is difficult to evenly adjust the weight of burdensome pancakes, and this design is also non-separable. If you need a different weight for sports, you will need to make a new shell.

In order to make dumbbells at home, the following materials will be required:

  • metal pipe (fingerboard);
  • cement mortar;
  • bolts, screws;
  • mold for the ebb of pancakes.
Concrete Dumbbell Materials

Then you need to:

  1. At the ends of the neck, evenly make four holes for 4 bolts around the perimeter.
  2. In the holes, install bolts that are holding elements for pancakes.
  3. Set the bar in a vertical position in the mold for casting. Pour with cement mortar and leave in this position until the mortar completely dries.
  4. For the second side, repeat the previous paragraph.

The flowability of cement dumbbells can be eliminated by adding PVA glue or paint to the solution, and crushed stone, gravel or small metal products to increase weight.


Shells made of metal are considered the most reliable and practical.

To make dumbbells, you need:

  1. Prepare a metal rod with a diameter of 3 cm (neck).
  2. Take a thin-walled pipe 15 cm long. The inner diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the neck.
  3. Put the pipe on the neck, then fix it in the middle.
  4. Make the required number of aggravating disks. This will require sheet steel.
  5. For locks, take rings or a pipe 2-3 cm long. Drill a hole in them and cut the thread to tighten the screw. As a result, the screw in will hold the pancakes by pressing it to the bar.
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Particular attention should be paid to tightening the screw to prevent play. Collapsible metal dumbbells allow you to adjust the weight. You can also make non-separable dumbbells, for this, welding is used as locking locks.

General tips for assembling dumbbells at home

The best sports equipment is metal products, but such shells are much more difficult to manufacture compared to other types. For greater attractiveness, home-made products for sports are additionally painted and sanded.

When assembling dumbbells, pay special attention to the fastening of weights. Make inventory so that you are comfortable doing it.

An alternative to dumbbells at home

The most common substitute is inventory made from bottles. It is easy to make it yourself, and water is used for weighting. The rest of the home shells will require more time for additional parts to make.

How to make a barbell from improvised means

You can make a bar using available tools. Its design in complexity practically does not differ from a dumbbell.

The main element is the bar, without it it is impossible to make the bar. There are many options to make a barbell at home.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottle bar

The design of a homemade bar is identical to a dumbbell, and for weighting, you can use bottles of water or other material. But for more serious weight loads, pancakes are made not from two bottles, but from – 8 (4 on each side). The bottles are filled with filler, then 4 pieces are tightly fixed together, forming a square. After that, the neck is installed between the bottles and fixed.


Another easy way to make the bar is to use car wheels as pancakes. As a rule, use the wheels assembly. This option of sports equipment allows you to throw the bar after performing the exercise on the floor, without fear of damaging both the bar itself and the floor.

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For such a rod, a plate with bolts is installed at the end in accordance with the bolt pattern of the disk.

Concrete pancakes

To make pancakes from concrete, you must first make a mold for pouring the mortar. Set a cylindrical object in the center of the mold. The diameter of the cylinder should be slightly larger than the diameter of the neck. Then the cement mortar is diluted, which is poured into the mold until it dries completely.

In order to make the rod more stable, it is necessary to install metal sheets (inserts) when filling. All pancakes for a bar made of concrete should be made in pairs, have the same weight.

Concrete pancakes for sports equipment

The neck should have a locking element that will prevent the pancakes from moving to the center. In addition, locks must be made in addition.

Homemade Bar Assembly Instructions

The bar is the most important part, thanks to which the bar is able to withstand heavy loads. The safety of the exercise depends on the quality of the neck.

In the manufacture of the neck, it is necessary to use durable materials. In order to make a neck, you will need steel reinforcement, an iron pipe or scrap. When choosing a material, pay attention to the thickness, as it should be comfortable for a squeezed palm.

The whole process of manufacturing a bar at home can be seen in the video

Recommendations on the use of homemade shells

Self-made sports equipment is the most optimal and economical option for playing sports without visiting the gym.

You can make almost any equipment with your own hands – from a home-made weight to a full-fledged sports complex.

Before performing the exercises, it is necessary to view the shells for structural integrity. And follow basic safety precautions.