Step-by-step training program for beginners and experienced athletes

The purchase of a subscription does not guarantee the receipt of bump muscles. When entering the gym for the first time, most people have little idea where to start. Usually a person knows a few basic exercises and is sure that they will help him build up quickly.

In fact, it is much more important to have a good training plan to gain muscle mass and gain a beautiful figure. Only a well-designed training program is able to give the expected result. Some people try to imitate muscular guys, but it’s useless, experienced athletes have their own training methods, tips for the beginner in the gym can even hurt.

A trained instructor can teach a man to train correctly, but not every specialist has such a specialist. Therefore, before approaching the barbell, dumbbells and fitness equipment, it is advisable to draw up a plan for at least the first 2 weeks.

Gym Workout Program

Typically, the starting training program in the gym for men is signed at the rate of 1.5 – 2 hours a day, 3 times a week. The plan should include all stages, from the warm-up to the power plan. But at the very beginning you need to decide why you came to the gym, for what purpose a training program is being drawn up:

Gym Workout Program
  1. Emergency weight loss, abdominal fat removal and waist correction. This is often a week-long strength course that goes as an addition to cardio workouts and diets.
  2. Muscle building An individual set of exercises is selected with an emphasis on a daily increase in weight load and a link to high-calorie nutrition.
  3. Strength and endurance. To increase endurance and strength, it is necessary to concentrate on increasing the number of approaches with a smooth increase in weight load.
  4. Beautiful relief. Drying muscles and detailing the relief is more related to professional occupations. For this purpose, the technique of split training is used (pumping certain muscle groups on different days).
  5. Keeping fit. In this case, a sparing complex without high peak loads is selected.

In the gym, exercises for men and women are the same, but the lesson plan and the number of approaches are different, so it is advisable to create an individual table for training with an indication of the exercises, the number of approaches and repetitions.

You can download a ready-made training program in the gym online, but these methods should be taken as recommendations, and not as a guide to action. Based on such materials, it will be easier for you to paint an individual lesson plan.

Warm up

Treadmill Warm Up

Getting started in the gym is no different from training in a regular gym or stadium. The main goal is to increase the overall tone of the body, warming up the muscles and especially the tendons. Depending on the age and level of sports training, it takes 5 to 15 minutes to warm up.

The introductory part consists of cardio load and takes 5 – 7 minutes. It is better to start with a treadmill or exercise bike, and then proceed to jumping on the spot. The goal is considered achieved when the pulse reaches the mark of 140 – 160 beats per minute.

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The second part of the warm-up is devoted to warming up the tendons, when working with large weights, this is especially important. Rotation is practiced: you need to start with the foot, then the knees, pelvis, shoulders, elbows, hands and end with the heating of the cervical vertebrae.

Basic workout plan

The base is designed to pump not just one muscle, but a whole group. This is its main difference from isolated exercises, where a specific muscle bundle is loaded. At the initial stage, you need to strengthen the joints and the most active, supporting muscles, which in the end will create a kind of corset. The general selection looks like this:

  1. The list of exercises for men in the gym is headed by a bench press and working with dumbbells lying, it is needed for pumping the chest.
  2. No less important are squats with a barbell, in this case the legs are strengthened.
  3. Deadlift on straight legs, although it belongs to the basic training program, it is recommended for beginners to include it no earlier than the 2nd month of training, since there is a risk of damage to the lumbar.
  4. On the 1st month, the best base for beginners will be bars and a horizontal bar. Exercises with their own weight are the least traumatic, they work best on the arms and shoulder girdle.
  5. The basic set of exercises for the deltoid muscle includes a press from behind the head and lifting weights to the chest or chin while standing.
Deadlift in the gym

The duration of the basic exercises in the gym varies within half an hour, then the athlete goes on to work out the target muscle groups.

The number of repetitions and approaches

For beginners, daily training in the gym is not needed, 2 to 3 days a week are enough to enter the rhythm. At first, a sharp, shock load will lead to exhaustion of the body and even injuries. Every day, people with secondary training and professional athletes can practice.

First you need to make a training schedule for the day with a detailed schedule. It indicates the type of exercise, how many approaches you need to do, the number of repetitions in the approach. It is not necessary to indicate the time of rest in the starting program, a person cannot know how the body will react to the load and how quickly it will recover, so the rest is adjusted depending on how you feel.

General training regimen for different goals
ExercisesMuscle growthWeight lossStrength increase
The approachesTimesThe approachesTimesThe approachesTimes
Basic4 – 65 – 10312 – 155 – 73 – 8
Auxiliary3 to 46 – 123 to 415 – 2038 – 12

You should not go in cycles in one package of exercises, for harmonious development of muscles and especially for its growth muscles should be in constant stress. This can be achieved by changing exercises for a specific muscle group, for example, today you swing your chest while lying with a barbell, and at the next workout, push yourself up from the floor.

Push ups for men


The men’s training program in the gym without fail includes 2 groups of stretching exercises. They are performed both before and after each workout:

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Static Stretch. It is performed at the beginning of the workout immediately after the warm-up. Basically, it consists of gymnastic exercises with a large amplitude, which are aimed at maximizing the stretching of tendons and muscles:

  • a hand hitch behind the back – the right one from above behind the head, the left one from below, then vice versa
  • free, relaxed hanging on the horizontal bar;
  • sitting, reach with your hands to the toes – first with divorced, then with closed legs;
  • free slopes in different directions with maximum amplitude.

Active stretch. It is performed at the end of the training, often it is a series of simple exercises with shells that are aimed at increasing the elasticity of tendons and relieving muscle tension, they are all performed with maximum amplitude:

  • chest – breeding dumbbells, pullover (a dumbbell for the head lying on a bench), work with low weight on the simulator;
  • back – the pull of weight toward yourself on the simulator with a large amplitude and low load;
  • arms – stretching the biceps on an inclined bench with a barbell and French bench press (bench press with a broken bar, medium grip lying on the bench, intended for pumping triceps);
  • trapeze and partially shoulders – a wide press up with a barbell or dumbbells, performed sitting or standing;
  • legs – sipping on toes, a wide step with a squat.

Beginners often neglect stretching after classes, but this is not worth doing. When you exercise, your muscles strain and enslave. The finish complex helps to normalize blood circulation and accelerates the elimination of harmful lactic acid from the muscles. Proper stretching after training increases the result by 30%.

Types of programs

A fitness program and a muscle building training program (bodybuilding) are not exactly the same thing. In the first case, this is a comprehensive method for building a healthy and beautiful body, it includes not only working on the apparatus in the gym, but also all types of physical fitness (general physical training), proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle).

The training program for men in bodybuilding has a more specific specialization and a clear goal, building not only a healthy, but also a muscular body. The best training programs in bodybuilding necessarily include fitness, and if the goal is HLS, then the gym is often replaced by gymnastics or yoga. Therefore, fitness classes can be independently painted for a year ahead, and muscle growth dynamics for more than a month should not be planned.

For weight loss

If the goal is to lose weight, then the list of exercises on the simulators must be supplemented with physical fitness, diet and body cleansing. For training in the gym, the set technique is used (intensive performance of 2 exercises in a row with subsequent rest). It is better to start with 3 workouts in the gym, the remaining 4 days of the week are reserved for physical training, this includes sports such as running, cycling, etc.

The complex for weight loss in the hall
DaysExercisesCouplesThe approachesTimes
1stWork under the slope on the gymnastic board (curling)1312
Swinging hips and lower back (hyperextension)310
Barbell Squat2310
Head pulling310
Standing barbell lift3310
Squat or similar exercise while lying on the simulator312
Back push up4310
Rear barbell pull from a standing position312
2ndPress – leg lifting1310
Dumbbell Slopes310
Lunges and a wide step with dumbbells2310
Horizontal pull310
Standing dumbbell or barbell standing upside down3310
Squat or similar exercise while lying on the simulator312
Bench press from the chest lying down or push-ups from the floor with a wide grip4310
Pumping up biceps while standing, with a barbell or dumbbells310
Swinging hips and lower back (hyperextension)310
Squat or similar exercise while lying on the simulator2310
Bench press from the chest lying down or push-ups from the floor with a wide grip3310
Narrow grip pull from top block4310
Breeding straight arms with dumbbells lying310

You need to know that when losing weight, the energy burned by shells or through RPT should be greater than the number of calories that enter the body with food. The video shows in detail the training program for weight loss.

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For building muscle

Deadlift for muscle building

For good muscle growth, guys need to increase the weight of the barbell or the load on the simulator, every next day it should increase by 0.5 – 2 kg. The effectiveness of training will increase significantly if the weekend complex of strength exercises is replaced by physical fitness.

For pumping up muscles the most effective is a two-week training system.

Muscle building complex
DaysExercisesThe approachesTimes
1stShoulder Squats310
Bench Press410
Work on the uneven bars312
Inclined board press412
3rdWide grip pull-ups420
Work with a T-bar312
5thShoulder Squats412
Romanian traction (the same deadlift, only the shins are strictly vertical)412
Bench press from behind the head while sitting412
Sitting Dumbbell Breeding412
8thBench Press48
Inclined barbell bench press412
Wide grip pull-ups425
Dumbbell Deadlift412
Traction through the lower block412
Dumbbell Shrugs420
Narrow grip bench press412
Bench press french412
12thShoulder Squats410
Leg Press412
Romanian traction312
Dumbbell Lunges312

For beginner athletes

Bench press

The training program in the gym for beginners is aimed at adapting the body to heavy loads. The main rule at the initial stage is “Do no harm”. Take approaches carefully and constantly monitor the correctness of the exercises.

The gym for beginners should have shells for working out the main complexes, you can do the training of other muscle groups in the following stages.

Training program for beginners in the gym
DaysExercisesThe approachesTimes
1stShoulder Squats46
Floor presses or bench press410
Swinging legs on the simulator (extension)38
Wiring straight arms with dumbbells lying on your back38
Press load310
2ndStanding barbell bench press47
Head pull on the simulator (shoulders and arms work)37
Bleeding your back with dumbbells (tilting your arms to the sides)310
3rdNarrow grip bench press48
Triceps pumping through the block38
Workout with biceps with a barbell (sitting and standing)38
Dumbbell Biceps38
Press load310

Training for beginners is limited to 3 days a week, between which they always make a day off. If an unprepared person trains without rest, then he will be injured, or a breakdown.

The video shows exercises for beginner athletes.

For advanced athletes

Deep lunges with weighting

The training program for advanced athletes is fundamentally different from complexes for beginners. The fact is that after a year of training, the set of muscle mass drops or stops altogether. Some pitching moves to steroids, but this is a huge mistake. Medicines of this kind cause irreparable harm to all body systems. An alternative to steroids is to change the approach to training, it is more difficult, but safer:

  • increase the intensity of classes;
  • transition to heavy weights;
  • the exercises remain the same, but in each new lesson their sequence changes;
  • 2 basic and 2 auxiliary complexes are selected for each muscle group;
  • the rest between sets is increased to 3-4 minutes and a stretch is added.
Program for trained athletes
DayExercisesThe approachesTimes
1stBench press36
Dumbbell Bench Press38
Work on the Hammer (a lever-type simulator for pumping the pectoral muscles at the push)312
Wiring straight arms with dumbbells lying on your back3fifteen
Standing Biceps Workout36
Work on the biceps EZ barbell (barbell with a bar)38
Hammer work312
Biceps pumping through the block312
3rdSquat or similar exercise while lying on the simulator36
Deep lunges with weighting38
Leg extension on the simulator310
Pumping of the back group of leg muscles310
Army bench press (lifting the bar standing from the chin up with a wide grip)36
Pumping the delta with dumbbells while sitting (lifting dumbbells from head up with elbows apart)38
Inclination of a back by dumbbells in an inclination310
Work on the Pek-Dec simulator (a lever simulator on which arms spread apart are brought together in front of the chest)312
Horizontal bar with weighting38
Wide grip traction through the upper block to the chest310
Wide grip traction through the upper block behind the head312
Work on uneven bars36
Narrow grip bench press38
Triceps pumping with dumbbells from behind the head310
Triceps pumping through the block310

For legs and buttocks


If you do not pay proper attention to the legs and buttocks, the body will develop disproportionately. Broad shoulders and powerful arms against the background of small buttocks and thin legs can ruin your appearance and destroy all your efforts.

The system of exercises for these parts of the body consists of 2 days, they are included in the general training after a week, that is, do a week, and skip the second.

Training for the development of legs and buttocks
DayExerciseThe approachesTimes
1stShoulder Squats37
Bleeding on the simulator310
Deep lunges with weight37
Leg extension on the simulator310
Leg curl on the simulator310
2ndDumbbell Squat37
Leg Press312
Scissors (alternating crossing straight legs at an angle)37
Deadlift on straight legs37
Leg extension on the simulator37

Full program for 3 days

Shoulder Squat

Not everyone comes to the gym for large muscles or in the hope of quickly losing weight. There are people who are tired of one-time training and swinging the press at home, they just want to keep fit and healthy. A separate, gentle course has been developed for this category of athletes.

A sparing system for keeping fit
DayExerciseThe approachesTimes
1stBench press38
Inclined dumbbell bench press38
Bicep Bleeding38
Wiring straight arms with dumbbells lying on your back38
Lying, lifting the pelvis with weight on the stomach38
3rdShoulder Squats38
Kick-Off Weight38
Leg extension on the simulator38
Leg bending on the simulator lying38
Standing barbell bench press38
Working out with dumbbells for biceps38
5thPull-up on the horizontal bar38
 Thrust through the block to the belt38
 Deadlift on straight legs38
 French bench press (bench press bar with a broken bar, medium grip with the elbows brought inward lying on a bench, intended for pumping triceps)38
 Triceps work, through the block38
 Bleeding the press from a prone position with lifting the housing38

Split workout

Hand lift through dumbbell sides

Split workouts are designed for trained athletes and are intended to bring the figure to the ideal. Professionals use this technique to dry and detail relief muscles. The point is that only one muscle group is worked out in training.

Optimal split program for 4 business days
DayExercisesThe approachesTimes
1stChest press47
Chest Dumbbell Press47
Inclined rod pull47
Dumbbell Dumbbell47
4thBench press from behind the head while sitting47
Hand lift through dumbbell sides47
Biceps Bleeding47
Standing barbell to chest with narrow grip47
5thShoulder Squat47
Kick-Off Weight47
Leg extension on the simulator47
Leg curl on the simulator47

When a person is engaged in the gym, it is very important to choose the right training technique. The beginner needs to correctly distribute the load, and experienced athletes need to find the optimal program, thanks to which the athlete can significantly improve their results without harm to health.