Rules for effective weight loss cardio

Although the formula for losing weight seems simple – you need to burn more calories than it enters the body – this does not mean that it is easy to fight extra pounds. The path to a beautiful figure and a healthy body is sometimes delayed for months, or even years. Trainers, fitness consultants, nutritionists offer a huge selection of ways to lose weight.

Cardio training is one of the most popular. Her story began in the middle of the 20th century. However, the concept of “cardio training” came about thanks to Kennef Cooper, who drew attention to how exercise affects the cardiovascular system.

The marathon runners were the first to report the benefits of aerobic exercise and the effects of fat burning. Alas, professional athletes have long ignored cardio. Only in the late 70s, thanks to the work of Kennef Cooper, an American doctor of medicine and a former Air Force colonel, they looked at aerobic training in a new way.

In the 80s, cardio running was transformed into fundamentally new activities. Special simulators appeared, the first studios where aerobic exercise combined with dancing. In the 90s, the concept was tightened: the concept of cross-training arose. It combined strength exercises with cardio training for burning fat.

Despite the fact that some experts doubt the effectiveness of aerobic exercise, its popularity already serves as a confirmation that it really helps in losing weight. But the benefits of cardiotraining are no less important: such exercises heal, rejuvenate, raise vitality with a competent approach. Based on the name (it comes from the Greek word kardio – “heart”), there is an active effect on the heart muscle. Working intensively, it accelerates blood throughout the body, nourishing it, saturating it with oxygen.

Cardio training on simulators

There is another important argument in favor of cardio loading: such training can be considered relatively sparing, so they are ideal for beginners. With the help of a well-chosen complex, you can gradually strengthen the body for more serious tasks.

The best option for a beginner is to sign up for cardio training to burn fat in the gym. Under the supervision of the trainer, you can develop an individual program and increase the load as necessary. However, it is quite possible to perform exercises for cardio loading at home.

The benefits of cardio training for burning fat

Adherents of power loads are convinced that only hard work with dumbbells and barbells can bring the body back to normal. However, if you look at athletes practicing aerobic exercise, their fit figures prove the high effectiveness of cardio exercises for weight loss. What is their effect:

  1. Intensive cardio accelerates metabolism. With some types of training, an accelerated metabolism is maintained even at rest.
  2. Aerobic exercise burns fat stores using them as fuel.
  3. Cardio workouts in the gym and at home increase stamina, gradually forming energy reserves in the muscles for active exercises.
Cardio training to reduce fat

Without denying the effectiveness of cardio training, such exercises should be supplemented with strength training, if the goal is to form a beautiful figure, and not just maintain health and not gain weight. Aerobic loads will help to get rid of a minor fat, as well as tighten a little muscle. However, if there is a lot of excess weight, I want all the muscles to be outlined and become textured, then we can not do without work with weights.

Benefit for health

Even if you do not believe in the effectiveness of cardio training for losing weight, you should not refuse it, since this is the best option to maintain normal health. First of all, the heart muscle is strengthened. However, this cardiac load effect is supplemented by several more, no less valuable for the body:

  • there is an increase in the volume of the lungs, their strength grows;
  • noticeable release of negative energy, getting rid of stress;
  • bone density increases.

Regular cardio workouts in the gym and at home lead to better overall health. Immunity significantly increases – the body resists infections better, a person is less likely to get sick.

If it’s reasonable to treat cardio training, to build a lesson according to the rules, taking into account your physical abilities, then after the training you feel a surge of energy. Aerobic exercises give strength, raise vitality, improve mood.

Shine in the eyes, even out skin during cardio exercises

Regular cardio training is needed by women to preserve beauty and prolong youth. By strengthening the cardiovascular system, they contribute to the acceleration of blood flow, improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. As a result, puffiness disappears, the skin smoothes, a healthy complexion and sparkle in the eyes return.

Occupation Choice

There are different types of cardio workouts. Aerobic activities include running and walking, cycling and sports. But it is very important to correctly choose cardio training for beginners, taking into account two main factors:

  • purpose of the lesson;
  • body condition.

Cardio loads are of varying degrees of intensity. If the task is to maintain the body, then a minimal, but regular load is enough. Also, with low-intensity exercises, beginners need to start working on themselves.

Even if a person came to a cardio training for burning fat, you do not need to immediately set a high bar and give maximum load. When the excess weight is significant, the more gentle approach is all the more necessary – the heart already works for wear. It is better to gradually strengthen the muscle, over time, moving to more intensive training.

There are also interval classes. Their feature is the alternation of blocks of different intensities. Whatever cardio training a beginner chooses, he should control his health. Ignoring alarms, there is a high probability of harm to health.

The main rules of effective cardio workout for burning fat

Exercise on the simulator for weight loss

Aerobic exercise is different in that it affects the body in a complex way. If you approach competently to cardio workouts in the gym and at home, along with strengthening the heart muscle and increasing endurance, you can really lose extra pounds. At the same time, it is recommended to adhere to such rules for the high efficiency of cardio for weight loss:

  • periodically it is worth changing the program of classes;
  • preference is best given to interval training;
  • you should record the results after each training: record the pulse, the duration of the complex cardio exercises.
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When training in the gym, it will be enough to periodically switch from one simulator to another. If a person is engaged on their own, he has an even wider choice of types of cardio loads for a change. The effect increases due to the fact that the monotonous effect on the same muscle groups is excluded.

Beginners should remember the basic rule of home training: it will be correct to do cardio in sneakers. This is important as the prevention of injuries and joint wear.

Any cardio workout should begin with a warm-up and end with a hitch. Compliance with such a simple rule will prevent muscle pain, contribute to the effectiveness of the session and help the body recover faster.

In the warm-up complex before cardio, it is enough to include several movements to develop joints and muscles. Alternatively, it will be enough to run and jump on the spot. If you are properly engaged in cardio training, you can really get an energy boost for the whole day, burning calories and improving health.

The secret to losing weight

Walking for weight loss

Overweight people should not choose intense cardio at the start. Running with excess body weight is not recommended at all, since knees and hip joints suffer under impact weight under shock loads.

With obesity, not all types of cardio loads are suitable. The best option is walking. You can just walk or use exercise equipment to burn fat. No matter how good and effective cardio workouts, you should definitely gradually include strength exercises in the complex.

But you still need to remember the unshakable rule of losing weight – to ensure a calorie deficit. So the complex of the best exercises, both cardio and weight training, should be supplemented with proper nutrition. You do not need to limit yourself in everything, going on a hunger strike. This should be a balanced diet from which harmful foods are excluded.

Pulse during cardio workout for burning fat

Unlike strength training, the degree of effectiveness of aerobic exercise is not determined by the amount of sweat. It is a mistake to consider fat burning cardio training if during the process the athlete got wet to the skin, sweating. The result is determined by two factors:

  • the duration of the lesson;
  • heart rate.
Training duration

Beginners do not understand why it is so important to periodically measure the heartbeat during cardio workouts in the gym. This is necessary in order not to harm health, since too intense exercise can lead to disastrous consequences. But the pulse also determines whether the body works with the strength that is needed to burn calories.

The optimal heart rate (HR) is calculated based on the person’s age. More precisely, it is possible to establish a “corridor”, within which the effect of burning fat is achieved. To do this, you must first calculate the maximum heart rate: from 220 subtract the person’s age in years.

Next, two coefficients are used to establish the boundaries of the “corridor”: multiply the resulting figure by 0.65 and separately by 0.85. As a result, two three-digit numbers will come out – the limits of the fat burning zone. That is, for losing weight at home, it is necessary to give such a load so as not to go beyond these boundaries.

It is very convenient to use a heart rate monitor. If it is not, then it is better to repeat measurements several times per lesson, starting with a warm-up before training.

How many times a week do you need to do

In order not to complain about the low efficiency of aerobic exercise, it is very important to exercise regularly. At the same time, excessive zeal will not be good. It is necessary to carefully approach the frequency of cardio exercises at home. The frequency of classes is determined based on the goal.

The regularity of homework

If a person decides to train for health, two trainings a week will be enough for him. When choosing cardio exercises to burn fat, you should add at least one more lesson. In the case when aerobic loads are not supplemented by power, you have to train for a long time. As fat begins to burn after 20 minutes of exercise, the recommended time for cardio workout is from 30 to 40 minutes.

However, do not forget about the intensity of classes. The more active the exercises, the shorter the duration of cardio. It is worth remembering the circular workouts, which are very convenient to perform at home to burn fat.

The principle is to alternate several exercises for different muscle groups. At the end of one lap, they take a short break. In this case, the lesson can also be short: from 4 to 6 circles, which takes 10-15 minutes. But with so many laps and little training time, the returns are surprisingly large.

The frequency and duration of classes depends on whether aerobic exercise is supplemented by power. It is recommended to shorten the time of cardio training, if immediately after it a person takes a dumbbell. It will be enough 20 minutes, even exercises of low intensity, when they are supplemented by a power block for weight loss.

When to do cardio: before or after strength training

Strength and cardio training

In order to quickly get rid of the hated extra pounds, you should definitely work out with dumbbells or on a simulator, not relying only on cardio and fitness. You can build a training program in different ways. For example, in one day to train muscles, and on the second – to give aerobic exercise. Or you can diversify each lesson, alternating exercises on strength and endurance.

If the training includes both power and aerobic exercise, the question arises, in what order is better to work. Experienced trainers recommend proceeding, first of all, from their own abilities.

A beginner after full-fledged cardio training is sometimes not able to do weight training. Then you can start the lesson with strength exercises. The same is recommended for experienced athletes who work with large weights. They should do cardio after weight training.

If the athlete prefers small scales to maintain muscle tone, then the priority can be chosen at your discretion. But it is worth remembering that strength exercises require scrupulous adherence to technology. And it can be difficult to keep track of this by completing the cardio complex.

8 key myths about cardio training for burning fat

Without underestimating the benefits of aerobic exercise, you should look at them realistically, since you should not even exalt cardio, considering it the best way to lose weight. Still need to say goodbye to the misconceptions that exist on the topic of such activities. There are eight major myths about cardio training.

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Do not lose weight without aerobic exercise

To lose weight, you need to achieve the main goal – to achieve a calorie deficit. If you do cardio exercises, this will help to quickly achieve the desired shape. But there are other effective, no less cool ways to lose weight.

Thermobelt or film on problem areas burn fat faster

If you create the effect of a greenhouse, this will not affect the fight against calories. A person will sweat – lose more moisture, but exercises from this will not become more effective.

With power loads, cardio is not needed

It is very important to maintain the heart, if you focus on muscle growth. Cardio exercises can and should be done at home for both men and women, it is not necessary to go to the gym for this. But you should not refuse them, otherwise the heart muscle will not cope with the loads. As a result, there is not enough strength to fully work with weights, not to mention health risks.

When practicing, you can refuse a diet

Calorie Counting Slimming

Calories should be considered in order not to involuntarily provoke a surplus, because with intense exercise and appetite is growing. As a result, there is a high probability of falling into a vicious circle: burn fat during a workout, but gain calories right there, eating a lot.

Sense is only from a long workout

Specialists emphasize that regular work on oneself is necessary. Every day cardio training is not necessary, but at least a couple of times a week, you need to engage in order to have an effect. But a too long lesson can even do much harm: it threatens the breakdown of muscle tissue.

There is no point in loading outside the fat burning zone

It is important to adhere to the optimal “corridor” of heart rate in order to achieve an effect without harm to the heart. Calories burn in any case, regardless of the pulse. Only the result will be different.

Do not give a cardio load for joint problems

Classes are prohibited only during exacerbation of chronic diseases of various etiologies, with severe chest pain, gastritis and ulcers, hernias and after injuries. Cardiotraining for colds, flu, SARS is not recommended. The rest is good to train, but in the presence of joint diseases it is better to consult a doctor regarding the permissible level of load.

Cardio should be abolished in case of flu

Before class, you should eat

At the beginning of the workout, the body burns blood sugar, later switching to fat reserves. If you eat immediately before exercise, the effect will decrease.

10 cardio exercises for burning fat

The advantage of aerobic exercise is that they are performed without special equipment. Of course, cardio training in the gym is interesting in its own way due to the fact that you can give a good load, moving from one simulator to another. But if you can’t visit the fitness center, you can train at home without buying sports equipment.

At home, you need to draw up a thoughtful cardio training program. Combining only 10 exercises, it is realistically to engage a large number of muscle groups. It is recommended to alternate loads in such a way that muscles alternately working as far apart as possible work. For example, starting with intensive walking, it is worth switching to a bench press from the floor. In this case, cardio will be more effective for burning fat.

Having selected the top ten best exercises, you need to break them into 2 circles of 5. Take a short break between them. It is worth remembering that the intensity of aerobic loads included in cardio training will be different for beginners and advanced athletes. You can make such a plan for beginner athletes who train to burn fat in the gym or at home:

Bench press
  • perform five exercises: each for half a minute, making a 30-second rest between them;
  • pause for one to two minutes;
  • go to the second five exercises, acting on the same algorithm.

Depending on the physical form, it will be enough to repeat each circle one or two times. Advanced athletes should do interval training to burn fat more intensively. They are recommended to give 45 seconds for each exercise, resting for a quarter of a minute. If there is strength, both the first and second rounds are repeated two or three times already.

But the most important thing is to adhere to a sense of proportion and build on your own well-being. When practicing at home or on cardio machines in the gym under the supervision of a trainer, you don’t need to work for wear, exposing your health to unjustified risk!

The first round of cardio exercises

You can train without detecting exactly seconds on the clock. This is distracting, does not allow to plunge into the process. It is more convenient to perform exercises in the framework of cardio training on the account.

Walking backwards

The simplest movement is effective in the struggle for weight loss. Perform it this way:

Walking backwards
  1. The legs are set wide, hands are bent at the elbows in front of the chest so that they are parallel to the floor.
  2. The weight is transferred to one leg, bending it a little in the knee, and the lower leg turning back, trying to lift it almost to the buttocks. At the same time, the arms swing back. It is important to keep them parallel to the floor, not straightening the elbow joints to the end.
  3. Returning to the starting position, the palms are again reduced in front of the chest.
  4. Then they cross over to the other foot, repeating everything in exactly the same way.

This exercise will be effective for burning fat on the stomach, if you move very intensively. Keep your back steady when doing.

Horizontal run

This is a great alternative to a regular run. But including the exercise in the cardio training program, it’s better to tune in to the fact that this task is not as simple as it seems.

Jogging starts with the emphasis with straight arms to the floor. From the position of the plank, they begin to run: pulling one after another the legs to the chest, bending them at the knees. It is important to keep your back straight.

If you have the opportunity to work out in the gym for girls and guys, the alternative would be a regular run on the track.

Horizontal run

Long jump

Such exercises are highly effective, because they disperse blood very well, activating all processes in the body. A jump is performed from the position of the foot shoulder width apart. The task is to jump as far as possible and return immediately to the starting position. Without a break, repeat 20 jumps.

Hands-up in a semi-squat

This exercise starts from the starting position with the legs set together with the knees slightly bent. At the same time, hands are held in front of the chest with clenched fists so that they are just at the level of the chin. Elbows are looking at the floor.

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Next, you need to widely spread your legs in a jump and spread your arms to the sides, but without bending, so that the fists still looked at the ceiling. In the same way, they jump back to their original position.

Using the breeding example, you can show how to simplify the training for beginners if you can’t jump. In this case, the legs from the semi-squat position are spread apart, just walking.


This exercise is very popular in fitness centers and gyms, it is included in the complex of cardioaerobics for weight loss. Make a burpee as follows:

  • starting position – standing on straight legs, arms lowered along the body;
  • you need to sit down with your palms on the floor and jump out into the lying position;
  • while lying down, you should touch the floor with your stomach, then jump back to the sitting position with your palms on the floor;
  • It remains to jump up, returning to its original position.

After each round, rest is needed. But you do not need to sit down and, especially, go to bed. It is better to walk on the spot, making smooth swings of your hands upward as you inhale, and lowering them down as you exhale.

The second round of cardio exercises

Aerobic exercise is notable for working on the body in the complex. But at the same time, you can choose exercises in such a way that they help to eliminate fat in the problem area to the maximum.

Jump Squat

This trick is useful for girls to deal with typical problems – extra centimeters in the hips, waist and abdomen. For effective fat burning in these areas, you need to take the position of a semi-squat with the arms extended forward in front of you.

Next, the legs spring, tossing the body up, and the hands go behind. Returning to the starting position, you should perform the next jump without stopping.

Jump Squat


This is a very useful exercise for the legs, and for the body, and for the hands. But it will not be done quite simply by an inexperienced person. It is useful not only for helping to burn fat: such cardio also develops coordination of movements. Perform it as follows:

  • it should be crouched shallow on the right leg, and the left to bring back;
  • it is necessary to jump from the right foot to the left;
  • then the support is transferred to the left leg, and at this moment the right palm touches the floor.

If for some reason it’s not possible to perform the “Skater” according to the specified algorithm, you can simplify the exercise by not excluding it from cardio training. In this case, only legs work, and hands wave freely, helping to maintain balance.

Kicks back and forth

This is a simple but very effective exercise that relates to medium intensity cardio workouts. It is necessary to take out the legs in turn with force: left forward, right back. To achieve the desired effect, it is worth imagining that the foot is making a blow against a conditional wall. It is important that the heel comes forward, not the toe.

Leg breeding in plank

Leg breeding in plank

With the help of this exercise, practically all muscle groups are worked out. You need to stand on the bar with straight arms and legs apart. Advanced athletes can do this in a jump. Beginners can simply step over alternately with one or the other foot to the sides, returning them to the center each time.


One cannot but recall the benefits of walking and running, choosing the final task for the second round of cardio training. If there is no treadmill at home, then without a simulator you can organize a good load using any means at hand – you need to make an elevation so that it is comfortable to climb from a place. For example, use a stack of books that must be stable.

Exercise will be more effective than just walking in place. You should sit in front of the dais, with your feet slightly closer than shoulder width apart. Hands hang freely along the body.

Next, take a step with the left foot to the elevation. While maintaining balance, the right knee is carried up as high as possible. It remains to return to the floor and repeat everything for the other leg.

General information on cardio workouts at home

You can do cardio exercises at home at almost any age. A big plus of such classes is that a person can follow how the body responds to the load and, if necessary, adjust the training plan.

Home fitness

It is very important to take home cardio soberly. No need to consider them a panacea in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Cardio training at home, if they contribute to weight loss, is not significant. When you need to seriously deal with excess body fat, strength training is indispensable.

If cardio-loads will help to burn fat at home, then trainers are advised to even abandon aerobic exercises in working on muscle mass. They prevent muscle hypertrophy, which is what bodybuilders strive for, giving the opposite effect.

When engaging in cardio training for burning fat at home, you need to remember about the drinking regimen. It is necessary to make up for the loss of moisture that goes away with sweat. It is difficult to give recommendations regarding the volume of water: each organism has its own needs, and people sweat differently during cardio training on a summer day and in winter.

The advantage of cardio training at home is not only that you do not need to buy sports equipment for classes. It’s great when you can go for a run in the park or ride a bike. But weather is not always conducive to a run for weight loss.

Cardio training at home does not depend on the season or on the vagaries of nature. If you have the opportunity to engage in the street, it will be even more useful and effective. Because during physical education the body will be able to get more saturated with oxygen.

In order not to bother everyday cardio loads at home, you can make a variety of different ways in your training program. In addition to jogging, walking, cycling, it is useful to roller skate, jump rope. The most effective cardio is an activity that makes the body work, but ends with a smile on his face and pleasant fatigue in the body. Then training is useful in every sense: it maintains physical fitness, and raises the mood, relieving nervous tension.