How to train with expanders

For the layman, the word “expander” is associated with a rubber “donut” that needs to be worked with a brush. Therefore, such a sports simulator is often underestimated. However, professionals use a large number of types of expanders. Choosing them correctly, it is real to train the whole body for both men and women.

Exercises with an expander at home can replace a full lesson in the gym. They will not help to achieve body shape, like a bodybuilder, however, training with an expander will ensure maintaining a healthy shape. A well-built lesson helps to lose weight, so you can train to get rid of extra pounds. But if body weight goes well beyond the normal range, you definitely need to supplement your diet and power loads.

Exercises with an expander at home help women and men to keep their body in good shape. Such classes are included in the safe category: there are practically no contraindications to them. But in the presence of serious diseases it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Exercises with an expander are recognized by the experts as sparing, they are recommended during the recovery period after an injury or illness. The difference from power loads is that the expander causes the muscles to strain over the entire range of motion. This allows you to guarantee high quality and uniformity of the development of muscle fibers.

What is an expander?


For people inexperienced in sports, expander-type simulators belong to the nebulous sphere of which they have the most general idea. They are undeservedly forgotten about, looking for the best ways to train the body at home. A wide selection of sports equipment allows you to set very ambitious goals, provided that the activities with the expander are organized in such a way as to engage different muscle groups.

Despite the fact that different types of simulators differ from each other in shape, size and design, they are united by the principle of action – it is based on elastic deformation. When working with expanders, they are twisted or squeezed, squeezed or stretched.

For long-term and effective use, you should buy exercise equipment made of quality materials. Since the projectile remains valid as long as it retains the ability to take its original form after deformation. This is true for any simulator, including spring.

Classes with such shells can be supplemented by other types of training, because the principle of operation of exercises with an expander for weight loss is different than the load when working with weights.


Before you start practicing, you should sensibly evaluate your own form and set a goal. This is necessary to correctly choose a simulator with expanders. By designation, the shells are divided into several groups:

  • for working with hands, biceps, shoulder girdle;
  • for pumping up the muscles of the chest;
  • for load on the legs;
  • for multifunctional use – you can work out the muscles in different parts of the body.

For brushes

Everyone knows the wrist rubber expander in the shape of a torus. Rings differ in the degree of rigidity of the material, in diameter. This is a shell for working with the muscles of the hands and arms.

A more effective hand shell is a manual spring expander, which can significantly expand the range of exercises for women and men. It is worth buying models of trusted brands, for example, from a manufacturer called Torneo. A spring expander can fail more quickly if it is made of dubious materials, which is explained by the specific design.

For breast

G8 expander

To work effectively with the upper part of the body – the pectoral muscles, involving the biceps, an expander is used, which consists of two handles interconnected by metal spring or elastic rubber bands. The simplest exercise with him is to spread your arms very wide, keeping them parallel to the floor.

The expander “eight” is more functional. The chest works well with it, and in parallel the biceps, shoulder girdle and even the back.

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For legs

The butterfly expander gives good loads on the lower extremities. His ladies are especially appreciated for helping to get rid of extra centimeters in the hips.


If you need to work on the figure comprehensively, it is worth looking at the multifunctional models – this is the skier’s expander, ordinary rubber or latex tape. The universal simulator is so good because it can really work out almost all muscle groups with it.

Universal is also a tubular expander. It is necessary to select the projectile according to the level of load. A tape made of rubber or latex is of different resistance levels, which is expressed in kilograms – 4, 8, 14 kg. The skier’s expander differs in the number of harnesses – from one to three. Accordingly, the degree of load changes.

Exercises with the expander of a skier are familiar not only to lovers of winter sports, but also to swimmers, boxers. He works on arms and legs, shoulder girdle and back.

Upper body exercises

Expanded Exercise Exercise

Work with expanders is necessary not only to strengthen muscles and increase overall tone. This is a good prevention of joint diseases, and with some ailments, training can alleviate the condition. When choosing exercises with an expander for men and women, it is worth remembering this, because it is possible to remove the symptoms of osteochondrosis, for example. A big plus of this particular activity is that it is possible to independently regulate the level of load, choosing the best option taking into account the state of the body.

Before exercises with tape or other expanders, you need to do a warm-up. If there is an emphasis on a specific muscle group, they can be rubbed. They recommend starting gymnastics with one or two approaches of 10-15 exercises. When composing a training program with a carpal expander or other projectile, it is worth alternating movements to act on muscle fibers in different planes.

Trainers assure that the complex of exercises with a spring expander or its analogue can be repeated every day. If you can’t organize daily exercises for the shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest, you need to train at least 3-4 times a week. Otherwise, the effect of exercises with a hand or other expander will be small.

Hands apart

For work, a shoulder spring expander or a shell with rubber bands is required. Perform the exercise in the following sequence:

Hands apart with an expander
  • stand in position – legs shoulder-width apart, straight arms spread to the sides with a stretched expander raised up above the head;
  • while exhaling, one should spread one’s arms and at the same time lower arms, alternating movements: once, so that the veins of the expander are located in front of the chest, the second – behind the back.

Exercises with the brachial expander men and women can do differently. For example, you can hold the projectile in the initial position directly in front of the chest, and, spreading your arms, try to make the fists with the simulator arms go as far behind the back as possible. Another option is to do diagonal stretching.

Ring compression

Exercise with such an expander affects not only the hands. It is useful for the shoulders, biceps. By compressing the elastic ring, you can improve the grip: subsequently it will be easier to engage in weight lifting. Hand expanders use athletes, climbers, wrestlers.

It is recommended to begin training with an elastic projectile, so that the load is moderate. As the muscles strengthen, the simulator changes. You can adhere to such a training program:

  1. During the first workout, perform about 100 squeezes in 1 minute within one minute. After giving your hand a five-minute rest, make another one or two similar approaches – as far as possible.
  2. In the second lesson, perform 100 contractions in a row, and in the last lesson hold your hand and hold the expander as long as you have enough strength – it is advisable to withstand at least a minute. The number of approaches is determined by the level of physical fitness.
  3. At the next training, they act on this principle: first they clamp the ring for as long as there is enough strength to hold it. Immediately after that they do quick compression – within 1-2 minutes.
Hand squeeze expander

If you adhere to such a program, it will turn out to form developed muscles in the arms, involving even the shoulders. In each case, the load has its own character, strengthening muscle fibers in different ways.

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With a tubular expander, biceps can be strengthened effectively. For this, the exercise begins with the position when one handle is clamped with the foot of the foot, and the second is in the hand with a grip from the bottom. Further, the movements are as follows:

  • taking a breath, the hand is bent in the shoulder, pulling the core of the expander;
  • on exhalation, the upper limb is straightened, returning to its original position.

The exercise is repeated about 10-15 times with one hand. Then do the same other.

Stick expander bending

This simulator looks simple: a spring with two handles. However, the stick expander perfectly pumps the chest. Doing an exercise on the pectoral muscles in this way:

  1. Putting your hands forward, grasp the grips of the expander from the bottom.
  2. Without bending your elbows, you should press on the handles, trying to bring them together. Squeezing the simulator, take a breath.
  3. On exhalation – the hands are returned to their original position.
Stick expander bending

To get the result from a workout, it is important to remember about proper breathing. It is also necessary to exclude bending of the arms at the elbows.

Side linkage

It is very effective to work hard with the boxer or swimmer’s expander at hand, as it is also called. They perform many exercises with him. Including you can give a good load on the muscles, which is quite difficult to work out – the middle dentate and external oblique muscles.

To do this, the loop of the expander is clamped with one foot, legs apart wider than the shoulders. The rubber band must be pulled over the shoulder, holding it with the palm of your hand. Further, the path of the cord lies behind the neck to the opposite arm, which grabs the handle of the projectile.

The body in this position is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees to the leg with a loop. The essence of the exercise is to straighten the entire body, leaving your hand with the handle of the expander stretched like a string. Standing up straight, you need to feel the tension of the muscles in the arm, on the side, and then return to its original position.

Core Strength Exercise

The muscles responsible for the normal functioning of the back, hips and pelvis, united under the general name “core muscles”, can also be worked out with the help of expanders. It does not particularly affect the appearance, but it is necessary to strengthen it for health. Thanks to exercises with a rubber expander, you can maintain muscle in a state that is sufficient for a healthy back, for mobility when performing daily movements. Detailed video:

Raising legs in turn

This effective exercise with a rubber band expander helps to strengthen your hips in parallel. To perform it, you must sit on the floor:

  1. The simulator is grabbed in the middle by the hands, the legs are threaded into the formed loop and straightened, spreading a little wider than the shoulders.
  2. The back must be raised, the arms bent at the elbows, and the chin should aim towards each other. It is important to press the lower back to the floor.
  3. In turn, each leg is bent at the knee and tightened so that between the thigh and the body an angle of 90 degrees is obtained.

With proper exercise with a rubber expander, you can prevent and even relieve pain in the lumbar region. This is a good option to strengthen a vulnerable area, especially useful for office workers and other sedentary professions.

Expander Extension


Such an exercise affects the whole body in a complex. It strengthens the back, arms and legs, tightens the stomach. The “Lumberjack” should be included in the complex of exercises with the expander for both women and men. It is performed step by step in this way:

  1. It is necessary to stand in the leg position wider than the shoulders. Under one foot they put the loop of the expander, grab the ends with your hands.
  2. Next, tilt to the leg, which holds the projectile.
  3. It is necessary to straighten up and to the side, pulling the expander diagonally, then bend again to the leg.
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This exercise is useful for the spine, provided that the back remains straight during its execution. Rising up, you should stretch your arms as high as possible, fully pulling the expander.

Lying extension

When performing a set of exercises with an expander for men and women, it is worth using different shells, if there is such an opportunity. Each simulator has its own advantages. A band expander is effective in its own way, with which you can and should do it while working on the core muscles. This exercise is performed as follows:

Lying extension
  1. It is necessary to lie on your back, pressing your lower back tightly to the floor.
  2. The center of the gum is passed under the feet, while the legs are bent at the knees, almost clinging to the body.
  3. The edges of the expander must be taken with your hands and pull the tape so that the fists are at the level of the head.
  4. As you exhale, you should straighten your legs. Holding up in this position for a few seconds, they return to their original position.

When training with a band expander or with a spring to strengthen the core, it is very important to do it correctly, observing the technique so as not to harm your back. The most vulnerable spot is the lower back. It’s better to watch the video performed by a professional fitness trainer more than once to eliminate all risks:

Exercises for the legs and buttocks

The lower part of the body is also effectively worked out with the help of different types of expander. You can draw slender legs and hips, pump up elastic buttocks, using such a projectile correctly.

One of the most effective leg exercises with an expander for men and women is called mahi. In this case, the work in the hips is especially felt, but the press and even the hands are turned on.

You can perform swings while standing and lying down, and even better – to train in different ways, which allows you to include all muscle groups and alternate the load in several directions.


Expander Squats

This exercise is popular among athletes, even if you do not use an expander. If you buy the simplest tape or elastic, you can give a big load on the legs, speeding up the process of forming strong muscles. Squats with an expander are as follows:

  1. The tape must be placed under the feet, legs apart shoulder width apart.
  2. The ends of the expander capture hands. It will be more convenient if the cord passes behind and lies in the palm of your hand over your shoulders.
  3. Inhaling, you should sit down, and getting up – exhale.

To have the effect of exercise for the legs and buttocks, you should do squats correctly. The back should remain straight, and the first movement when lowering begins the pelvis, moving forward.


This exercise not only allows you to work with your legs, it is also beneficial for your back muscles. They begin it by putting one foot forward and extending an expander under it. The arms of the shell are held at the shoulders, clenched in fists.

Then they squat in place, dropping down until their knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees: one goes to the floor, the second – moves forward. When practicing with the expander, you should keep your back straight so that the body moves in a straight line straight down during the squat.

Training with such shells is practically harmless, recommended for people at any age. The main thing is to monitor your well-being and the response of the body to the load. To train a beautiful and strong body with the help of an expander, it is recommended to periodically change the program. For example, you can make a set of exercises for a month, and after this period, change them.