Effective exercises for the inner thigh

A harmoniously developed body increases the level of human health: pumped back muscles allow you to maintain proper posture. A relief press protects internal organs, a large chest increases stamina, and strong limbs help lead an active lifestyle. High legs are the result of long workouts and a healthy diet.

One of the problem areas is the inner side of the thigh, the muscles of which are inactive during normal movements. A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood and lymph in the lower extremities, which externally manifests itself in cellulite, sagging and sagging skin.

Basic leg muscle exercises strengthen the large muscle groups of the lower extremities. To pump the flabby inner surface of the thigh allows the use of a special complex.

Fitness trainers recommend including exercises for the inner thigh in training 2-3 times a week:

  • lunges;
  • wide squats;
  • lifts, breeding, abduction of legs;
  • high interval cardio;
  • strength training.
Exercise dumbbells

In order to reduce the inside of the thigh, exercises with rubber band, fitball or dumbbells are used. The combination of cardio and power loads is most effective: the former accelerate the metabolism and start the burning of the fat layer, and the latter tone the muscles, tighten and eliminate sagging skin.

Leg training is necessary not only for girls before the beach season, men are also recommended to pump up the weak part of the thigh, forming an athletic figure. Exercises on the inner thigh are suitable for doing at home, in the gym and on the street.

Slim legs workout

The following muscles form the middle part of the thigh:

  • 3 pairs of adductor muscles (adductors) – long, large, short;
  • thin;
  • comb.

Anatomically, the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh do not load properly during the day and eventually become weak, lose strength and elasticity. The muscle fibers of this area work when stepping to the side and turning the legs with the foot outward. Such movements are often used in dancing, but rarely performed by a person in everyday life, so daily exercise should include exercises to strengthen the inside of the thigh.

The benefits of physical activity

Proper nutrition to reduce fat

Slender legs are the result of two processes: reducing the fat layer and pumping muscles. The amount of fat is reduced through proper nutrition, drinking, and cardio loads.

and elastic muscles form a tightened surface of the legs, promote proper posture and walking, improve coordination of movements. Exercises on the inner thigh involve the buttocks and weak muscles between the legs, strengthening the pelvic floor and increasing the oxygen supply to the pelvic organs.

Warm up

At the beginning of training for beautiful legs, it is recommended to warm up for up to 10 minutes. Training Scheme:

  • light cardio – running on the spot, running with high knees, jumping, walking at a fast pace;
  • joint exercises – smooth circular movements of the joints from top to bottom (neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, lumbar region, pelvis, knees, feet).

Lesson scheme

The most effective exercises for the inner thigh bring the muscles into an active working state and increase strength. Like any workout, classes should bring pleasure and pleasant emotions, pain and excessive stress are unacceptable. To pump up the weak part of the thigh at home, trainings, consisting of 3 equal parts, help:

  • leg movements in an upright position;
  • leg movements in a horizontal position;
  • cardio with legs.

Upright Activities

Exercises that are performed in an upright position using your own weight and using weights are most effective for the inner thigh:

  • different types of squats with a wide setting of feet;
  • lunges – diagonal and lateral;
  • abduction of the legs;
  • swing legs forward, backward and to the side.

Cardio for the hips

Jumping jack

Activities that increase the heart rate lead to an acceleration of metabolic processes, an increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood and the breakdown of fat molecules. Cardio for the inner thigh brings double benefits – during muscle training, the fat layer decreases in parallel.

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Exercises for the outer and inner thighs that increase the heart rate are types of jumps:

  • “Jumping Jack” – a simultaneous jump with legs apart and clapping hands overhead;
  • jump bar;
  • plie with jumping out.

Safety: for jumping, you need to use sneakers and monitor the correct position of the knees. Such activities are not suitable for people with large excess weight, varicose veins and joint diseases. To prevent injuries, cardio training is carried out in sports shoes.

Classes in a horizontal position

A good and useful load on the inner thigh is given by effective exercises on the floor, which do not aggravate the condition of joints and blood vessels. Such exercises develop the strength and elasticity of muscle fibers, which tighten and tighten the problem area, thereby reducing the volume of the upper legs. During movements, the stomach should be pulled in and the legs should be strained as much as possible, while the neck and shoulder girdle should be relaxed.

Exercise "Scissors"

Trainers recommend the best exercises for the inner thigh:

  • scissors;
  • gluteal bridge;
  • straight leg breeding;
  • the movement of the legs in the air in a circle, together and with each leg separately.

Popular exercises for the buttocks, such as the gluteal bridge, are useful for the thighs and muscles of the inner thigh. Strengthening the musculoskeletal system improves coordination and increases the strength of the lower extremities. The load will increase if you perform leg breeding, standing on toes or on one leg in turn.

Completion of training

The lesson ends with a stretch lasting up to 5 minutes to relieve tension from the muscles that are actively working. First, breathing and pulse are restored by slow and smooth movements. For stretching, some yoga exercises, lunges and inclinations are used. Movements are made carefully and without jerking, acute pain is unacceptable.

In a full-fledged training, it is recommended to include lateral lunges, plie, scissors, jumping, bringing the thigh down and using an expander. The correct technique and regular exercises will significantly improve the condition of the inaccessible zone of the legs.



When studying the exercises on the inner side of the thigh, start with the plie (sumo) that are used by dancers and athletes to pump the lower limbs. Low squats with a wide setting of the feet activate the muscles of the inner thigh.


  1. Initial position – standing with a wide setting of legs, feet and knees slightly deployed, arms in front of you.
  2. Exhaling, slowly bend the knees and lower the pelvis. The knees are turned in the same direction as the feet; when squatting, they do not go beyond the line of the feet.
  3. On inhalation, the body returns to its initial position without jerking.

During the squats, the tension and tension in the work area are controlled to tighten the inside of the thigh and not be injured. Perform 2-3 approaches, 15-20 repetitions.

Variations Plie

Variations of wide squats will help increase the load and strengthen the inner surface of the thigh:

  • pulsating plie – frequent squats with small amplitude;
  • deep plie;
  • triple – three squats and one full straightening;
  • plie with a delay in position at the lower point;
  • plie on toes;
  • alternate rise on toes in pli;
  • plie with jumping out;
  • with a weighting agent.

Sumo are suitable for training the inner thigh at home and the gym. Plie exercise for the inner thighs can be seen in the video:


Horizontal scissors

“Scissors” is a universal movement that is performed in a horizontal position. It helps to tighten the hips and stomach. Alternating swings with legs at an angle to the floor increase stamina and strength. Such exercises for the internal muscles of the thigh do not load the knees and the cardiovascular system.


  1. The initial position is lying down, the lower back is pressed to the floor.
  2. On the exhale, the straightened legs rise, alternating crossings occur. The breathing is smooth, the abdominal muscles are tense.
  3. Perform 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions.

The complication of “Scissors”

At the initial stage, in order to strengthen the inner surface of the thighs, it is recommended to tear off the heels from the floor and hold on weight for as long as possible. Later, alternate leg movements are added. You can increase the load and pump the inner part of the thigh more efficiently, lowering the legs lower, wearing weighting materials or combining scissors with wide leg dilations and twisting.

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Exercises “Scissors”, in which the inner surface of the thigh is pumped, are performed 3-4 times a week in a standard morning exercise or a special complex. During movement, overvoltage in the region of the lower back, abdomen or pelvis is not allowed. Video how to perform scissors.

Side lunges

Side lunges

The best exercises for the inner thigh, which are performed in an upright position, are variations in lunges. Anatomically, the inner part of the leg is included in the work only when walking to the side similar to the movement of the crab. In addition to the three pairs of adducting thigh muscles, such exercises pump the gluteal muscles, and in combination with the dumbbell presses, biceps and triceps are trained.


  • initial position – standing, feet together, back straight, abdomen retracted;
  • exhaling, make a lateral lunge, while the knee and foot of the working leg are directed to one side;
  • with a breath, return to the starting position;
  • make on the other foot.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the thigh are performed in 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions for each leg.

Lunge Variations

To increase the load, to pump up the muscles of the legs and buttocks, the variations of the “Lunges” exercise help:

  • with touching socks;
  • curtsy;
  • diagonal
  • with the rise of the knee;
  • leg swing;
  • with weighting agents;
  • with a barbell;
  • with a jump;
  • in walking.
Lunges in walking

Performing combinations of exercises, you can pump up the legs, tighten the body and lose weight, doing 30 minutes a day.


A variety of jumps is a universal exercise for burning excess fat, performing which, at the same time, the inner thigh surface is lifted. Not any bouncing is suitable, but special movements using adductor muscles. For example, Jumping Jack or Scissor Jumps.

Jumping Jack Fulfillment:

  • initial position – stand straight, feet close by, arms down;
  • exhaling, with a sharp movement in a jump, the feet are spread apart, and the arms are raised, a clap is made over the head;
  • with a breath they return to their initial position.

Beginners perform 5 jumps, with increasing endurance, the number of jumps is increased to 10-20. Trained athletes repeat a movement of 3 minutes or more.

Varieties of jumps

Other jumping options for the inside of the legs:

  • “Scissor Jumps” with crossing legs;
  • “Jumping-jumping”;
  • “Frog Jumping”;
  • side to side jumping over an obstacle.

Isolated exercises on the inner muscles of the thigh work only on adductor muscles. Complicating and supplementing simple movements, you can pump up large muscle groups. Hopping leg training helps to lose weight, increases strength and endurance, helps pump up the legs and thighs, the so-called upper thigh. Video “Jumping Jack”.

Bringing the thigh down

Exercises that are performed lying on the floor or any other hard surface include the leading muscles of the thigh. This method reduces the load on the joints, heart and blood vessels. These movements are suitable for people with large excess weight and varicose veins.


  • the initial position is to lower to the side, leaning on the elbow, the lower leg is straight, the upper is bent at the knee;
  • on exhalation, the straightened leg rises and lingers at the top point for 3 seconds;
  • on inspiration, the leg falls to the floor;
  • perform 10-15 lifts and repeat to the other side.
Bringing the thigh down

Exercises for weight loss of the inner thigh lying on the floor are performed at a slow pace, squeezing the muscles of the abdomen and legs to a slight burning sensation. Leg movements lying on one side include the muscles of the buttocks, lower back, abdomen, and even arms.

Complicated exercises for adducting thigh muscles:

  • using a weighting agent;
  • bringing the foot under the bent upper knee.

Including exercises for the muscles of the inner side of the thigh with your own weight or weighting, you pump not only the problem area, but also the upper body. Experts recommend training the thigh muscles 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. Video of bringing the thigh on the floor.

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Bringing the foot with an expander

An expander is an inexpensive and simple device, the occupation with which helps to tighten the leg muscles. It is used at home and in the gym. Hip abduction exercises are performed with a special foot expander in the form of a strong elastic band.


  • the expander is attached to a stable support to a height of 15 cm from the floor;
  • the initial position is to stand with your right side near the support at the distance of a free expander and put the tape on your right leg;
  • on exhalation, the right leg is brought forward to the level of the supporting leg, pulling the expander;
  • on inspiration, the leg returns to its initial position;
  • do 10 reps on each leg, 2 sets.
Bringing the foot with an expander

You can increase the load and tighten the thigh surface in the gym using a crossover. On the simulator, strengthening the thigh surface is more effective, during exercises the main internal muscles are involved: the long adductor muscle, the short adductor muscle and the adductor thigh muscle.

Leg reduction on the simulator

Exercises for the inner thigh are useful for a woman and a male athlete, as they increase strength and endurance of the body, improve posture and coordination, and prepare for greater loads on other muscle groups. For this purpose, sports equipment is used in the hall: step platforms, boxes, curbstones, benches, fitballs, weighting materials, crossovers, a block simulator and others.


In each gym, there is usually a special simulator on the inner thigh, the main advantages of which are working with an isolated muscle group and the ability to increase weight if necessary.


  • set the necessary weight on the simulator;
  • initial position – sitting, flat back pressed to the back of the seat, hands on special handrails, feet on the appropriate supports;
  • exhaling, tensing the internal muscles of the thigh and bringing the legs together;
  • inhaling, return to their starting position.
Inner Thigh Trainer

The simulator for the inner part of the thigh is designed in such a way that all the efforts in performing the exercise are to reduce the legs. At the initial level, perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

The simulator for adductor muscles is a necessary component of the program when training legs, it helps to pump up the inner part of the thigh, removing sagging skin. First, a small weight is set to study the performance technique and one’s own capabilities. After regular workouts, the load gradually increases to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Recommendations for training

The right set of sports will help pump up the inner thigh, reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the stomach and buttocks. Tips for fitness trainers on how to strengthen the muscles of the legs and tighten the hips are suitable for training at home and in the gym:

  • special training for the inner thigh should consist of a required warm-up, a set of exercises and a smooth stretch;
  • a set of exercises for the inner surface of the thigh is combined from cardio and power load;
  • use circular exercises: select several exercises, do them one after another and repeat the sequence 4 times;
  • the best exercises on the inside of the thigh at home are the abduction of legs and swing, for which weights from 1 to 3 kg are used;
  • with problems with joints and large excess weight, the main part of the lesson is carried out in a prone position;
  • proper nutrition and drinking regimen in combination with physical activity can quickly tighten the inner thigh;
  • skin appearance is improved: lymphatic drainage massage, scrubs, wraps, warming or cooling masks, which reduce the manifestations of edema and cellulite.
Drinking mode

The process of strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh surface is a multilateral task, which a complex of measures can cope with:

  • healthy nutrition with the right nutrient ratio;
  • a sufficient amount of water per day;
  • high physical activity;
  • sleep and rest between workouts.

Strongly tightening the hips in one week, even with intensive training, will not work, but regular exercise and limitation of simple carbohydrates will significantly improve the condition of the problem area.